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If you’re involved in a real estate transaction there are many documents that need to be reviewed and completed properly in order to ensure that the property is correctly transacted. Talk to a Miami – Fort Lauderdale real estate attorney about helping you through the purchase or sale of your property so your transaction goes as smoothly as possible. I am a licensed attorney to handle cases within the State of Florida as well as in Federal Court in the Southern District of Florida. My priority is fighting for your rights.

Foreclosure Defense

In the state of Florida, many homeowners are facing the daunting possibility of the bank taking over their home. Depending on the mortgage, if you are in default, the bank will attempt to overtake your home. Don’t let them. Fight back with an experienced Miami or Fort Lauderdale trial lawyer. We have experience in assisting people throughout the foreclosure process.

What will happen if you don’t fight your foreclosure in court?

If you are served with a foreclosure complaint from the owner of your note and mortgage, in the state of Florida you only have 20 days to respond by the filing of motions to dismiss, answering the complaint or alleging counterclaims. If you don’t respond, the bank will move for a default judgment. Once the courts rules in the banks favor, they will set a date to sell your house, and you will soon be left without a home.

How do you fight a foreclosure?

Through the hiring of an experienced lawyer, you can fight for your home and your rights. Often times the original person who held your mortgage is not the person who is now claiming to own your note. Due to certain violations and improper transfers of title, many times the bank can’t prove they own your note, and you can potentially beat the bank and detach the note from the property. Depending on the judge and jurisdiction, through challenging the standing of the Plaintiff, many foreclosure defense lawyers have been successful in holding the banks off for an extended period of time, and in the process allowing the homeowner to refinance, modify their loan, or conduct a short sale.

Contact one of our foreclosure defense lawyers today. We have offices conveniently located in Miami and Fort Lauderdale in order to better serve you. Even if your not yet in foreclosure, contact us today to discuss your rights. In Miami call (786) 371-4431, and in Broward please call (954) 661-7371.

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