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If you or someone you care about has a criminal or personal injury matter in
Miami or the Fort Lauderdale Broward area a criminal attorney at
Gilbert and Smallman will sit down and talk with you.

Our Pratice areas include:

Each Fort Lauderdale personal injury attorney at Gilbert and Smallman are licensed to handle cases within the State of Florida as well as in Federal Court in the Southern District of Florida. Our priority is fighting for your rights.


If you have been injured in an accident due to someone else’s negligence we will fight for your health, wealth and overall wellness against large corporations and insurance companies. We will make sure the negligent party pays what you deserve!


Our law firm is experienced in handling money disputes, otherwise known as Civil litigation involving Business, Partnerships, Real Estate or Otherwise.

Probate and
Guardianship Law

Our law firm will help you and your family through these tough times handling the administration or litigation of an estate or Guardianship.


When facing criminal charges an experienced and zealous advocate is needed. We have the many years of experience in both State & Federal Court in Florida you need to defend your rights.

DWI Defense

If you are charged with a DUI both your freedom and right to drive are at issue. We have many years of experience dealing with both the court system and the DMV you need to protect yourself.

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