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Avoid Accidents with Trucks When You Folllow These 9 Driving Tips

A few simple rules could make all the difference in avoiding a truck accident. Here are 9 such tips from Roadsafe America.

9 Driving Tips: How to Avoid Semi-Truck Accidents – Miami Truck Accident Attorney

If you can't see my mirrors, I cant see you accidents

Car Accident with Trucks Can Be Avoided by Following These Tips

It goes without saying that getting involved in an accident with an 80,000 pound truck against your 3000 pound car is not a fair match-up.  The result can be significant injuries.  If you are ever in a truck accident and need help dealing with either the trucker’s insurance company or your own in order to recover your justifiable compensation for all losses incurred, call one of our attorneys any time of the day or night.  Our cell phone numbers follow:

Harris Gilbert   786-371-4431 Cell Phone  24/7 Andrew Smallman   954-661-7371  Cell Phone 24/7

In order to avoid such an accident in the first place, RoadSafe America offers the following 9 tips.

Get Educated

Driver Safety Tips

Passenger cars: Many crashes between heavy commercial trucks and passenger cars can be avoided by following these safety tips.  Click here to read about all of the Truck Accident Safety Tips


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