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A Poodle Bit My Child

poodle-injuryI am going to tell you a story and I hope that you take heed of the warning that it brings. Always be careful with your children when it comes to dogs. Many people assume that only the scary or dangerous dogs can be dangerous to their children, and they will just allow their kid to run up to anything smaller or fluffy. That is dumb. Make sure to teach your child the correct way to approach a dog. You should also learn to consult the owner and introduce yourself to the dog before allowing your child to approach. I did not do this with my own son early enough. This is what happened.

My son was two and a half when I took him to a dinner party that some of my wife’s work friends were throwing. He was quite accomplished at exploring the world on his own, and had just recently met a very friendly golden retriever who was also very tolerant. Soon after we got to the house, met some people, and moved out to the back yard, my son spotted a miniature poodle that another guest had brought along to the party. He let out a “Doggy!” and rushed across the yard. The poodle backed under a table near its owner, who was engrossed in conversation. As I was rushing to get my son, he reached the table and stretched out to pet the dog, who promptly barked and bit him on the arm. I got there just as the owner was pulling the terrified dog away and I grabbed my bawling boy. Luckily, he was not hurt too badly. The poodle had only broken the skin in a minor way and it was obvious that he wouldn’t need stitches. The owner was very apologetic and paid for an ER visit anyway, where my son was patched up and given a clean bill of health.

If you, your child, or someone you are close to is the victim of an animal bite, do not hesitate to contact a qualified attorney at the very first opportunity. Negligence when it comes to animals is something that should not be tolerated, and those who suffer injuries do to it should be compensated for their suffering to the fullest extent of the law.


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