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Florida Drivers Are the Most Vulnerable Drivers in the Nation

Blog-1-pic-1-Beach-Auto-3-Signs-of-a-staged-car-crashThere are 48 states in the U.S. that require drivers to have insurance that covers them in the event of bodily injury caused by a reckless or negligent driver. Florida is not one of them. According to a recent study, Florida is second to only California for the number of drivers on the highway without insurance. Right now, there are 3.2 drivers on the roads that have no insurance that pays for injuries – or even death – of someone they may hurt or kill.

Florida and New Hampshire are on their own

New Hampshire joins Florida as the second state that doesn’t require drivers to have even the bare minimum of bodily injury liability coverage – but that’s not the only issue with Florida drivers. Even those who are insured can only buy PIP insurance, which provides payments for themselves if they’re injured but offers no compensation to the people that may be harmed by them.

You never know what to expect if you’re in an accident

To recap, there are more than three million Floridians who have no insurance at all, and an uncountable number of others who have only PIP insurance. The result is that if you are involved in a car accident in the state of Florida, there’s a good chance that the person who hits you will have no insurance to pay for your injuries.

It may be up to you to protect yourself

While these numbers are startling and upsetting, there are things you can do. First, you can purchase your own uninsured coverage. This means that if you are in an accident with someone who doesn’t have insurance – or doesn’t have insurance that covers you – then you will be covered by your own policy. If you want these laws to be changed and for Florida to join 48 other states, then you may want to contact your legislature.

Have you been injured by an uninsured motorist?

Of course, this advice doesn’t help if you’ve already been injured in an accident. That’s where Gilbert & Smallman come in. We can represent you in a personal injury lawsuit to get you what you deserve. Depending on the situation, your injuries, and other factors, you may be able to recover medical costs – both past and future – lost wages, and more. Contact us today for your free legal evaluation to find out if you have a case.


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