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Get Answers to Frequently Asked Questions About Florida DUIs

car-crashIf you’ve been charged with a DUI then you likely have a lot of questions. Gilbert and Smallman offers a free consultation during which you can ask questions about your specific case. However, we’re also here to provide answers to some of your FAQ about Florida DUIs.

What do I do if a loved one is in jail for a DUI?

There are two possible first moves: Calling a bail bondsman or calling a DUI attorney. In most cases, the attorney you work with will have a bail bondsman to call so if you don’t already have a bondsman in mind, then you’re better off calling your attorney first. They can walk you through the process, in which you’ll pay 10% of the total bond set and the bail bondsman will pay the rest.

What is First Appearance Court?

If your loved one is in custody for more than a day then they’ll be taken to a judge for bond to be set. For a DUI case, the bond could be as little as $500. For lesser offenses the accused may be released without having to pay bond.

Does a DUI conviction come with a jail sentence

Yes. If you’re convicted of a first DUI then you could be look at a county jail sentence of up to 180 days. For people with multiple DUI convictions or other criminal charges, the jail sentence may be considerably longer.

What happens after I’m bailed out of jail?

Once the accused is out of jail there are two battles. First, to keep your license. Second, to keep your freedom. When you get a DUI traffic citation, that citation is your license for ten days after you’re arrested. It’s imperative that you ensure it’s on you if you’re driving and remember that you can only drive for approved purposes, such as going to work or school.

During this initial ten days, you must apply to have a DMV hearing. The DMV will schedule that hearing, which may be as long as a month away, but you’ll continue to be able to drive until the hearing. If this hearing isn’t requested then the license revocation will happen automatically.

If you have been accused of a DUI then you need to contact Gilbert and Smallman. With our wealth of experience, we can assure that your rights are protected. Call us today for a free case evaluation.

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