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Getting Justice for Hit and Run Victims

emergency-780313_1280One of the worst nightmares many of us have is is that one of our loved ones will leave and not return home that night because of a hit and run accident. It’s an unfortunate reality for many and you never know when it could happen. Consider a recent article for Local 10 titled “Family pleads for help in finding hit-and-run driver.”

Liane Morejon of Local 10 writes, “A family is pleading for help in finding the driver who struck a man who was riding a scooter in Miami over the weekend and left him to die. Jean Carlos Hernandez-Trujillo, 29, was visiting his cousin from Venezuela when he was killed on Saturday. ‘(He was a) good boy, good son, good friend. He came here only for vacation,’ the victim’s cousin, Marilis Lopez, said. Police said the driver of a Mazda ran a red light on Flagler Street and struck the scooter, knocking Hernandez-Trujillo off the vehicle and onto the trunk of the Mazda. Hernandez-Trujillo was on top of the trunk of the Mazda until he was thrown off the vehicle when the driver turned onto the on-ramp of Interstate 95. Detectives said the driver of the Mazda never slowed down or stopped to help. ‘This is not nice,’ Lopez said. ‘I am angry because this person continued driving with the body of Jean Carlos on the top of the car.’”

With the unfortunate possibility of an auto accident lurking around the corner, everywhere you drive, it’s important to have good representation.

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