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I was the victim of defective lip balm

Lip BalmIt sounds crazy. I know that. But really. There is such a thing as defective lip balm. I found it online. The website claimed that it was infused with special herbs to help not only lip heath, but provide energy and other benefits. I thought that I might as well try it, since I’m kind of addicted to chapsticks and lip balms. I have lips that are typically very dry, so I always need something to keep them hydrated. When the mysterious lip balm came in the mail, I tried it and decided I liked it. I used it for a few weeks before I started getting blisters and sores around and on my lips. At first they looked like acne, and I treated them as such. A few of them went away, but eventually more and more started popping up around my lips. Then my lips started cracking and sores began to develop on my lips. It was gross and embarrassing. At that point I finally realized that it might be my lip balm (silly me) and I stopped using it. The sores immediately became less painful and red within a day. For all of them to go away, I had to go to a special dermatologist who figured out that it was a certain type of poisoning, probably from a dirty manufacturing location. He gave me some steroids or something, and eventually the sores went away.

I tracked down the website that I had initially bought the lip balm from and took what I knew to a lawyer. The lawyer had to bring in some other attorneys who knew more about international law, and we were eventually able to get the North American distribution branch of their company to pay for my medical bills and some other damages. After over two months of pain, it felt really good to feel whole again. Now I’m sticking to my brand, and my lips have never felt better. Remember, if you feel that you or a loved one is the victim of any type of defective product, you should contact a qualified attorney at the earliest opportunity. It is in your best interest.


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