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Indictment and Wrongful Death Lawsuit Come in Aftermath of Florida Police Shooting

Wrongful Death Lawsuit in Aftermath of Police ShootingThere unfortunately seems to be no shortage of news of police shootings. With these incidents come wrongful death lawsuits. Consider a recent article for CBS News titled “Police shooting victim family grateful for Florida deputy indictment.”

According to the author of the article, “The mother and brother of a Florida man fatally shot by a sheriff’s deputy while carrying only an air rifle are grateful for a grand jury indictment on manslaughter charges, they said Monday in their first public remarks. Broward sheriff’s Deputy Peter Peraza was charged Friday in the 2013 shooting death of Jermaine McBean. Jennifer Young and Alfred McBean said the indictment gives them hope for some measure of justice in Jermaine McBean’s death. ‘It’s a tragedy. My son won’t be coming back, but this is the first step, a massive step to seeking justice for Jermaine,’ Young told reporters outside the Broward County Courthouse. McBean, 33, was shot by Peraza in July 2013 outside his apartment complex. He was carrying over his shoulders an authentic-looking air rifle he had just purchased at a nearby pawn shop and, family members say, was listening to music through earbuds and did not hear police commands to drop the rifle. ‘Every time I think of my son, I break up. We all do, because he was a good person. He was a wonderful man, he was my right arm,’ said Young, reports CBS Miami. Peraza, a 14-year Broward Sheriff’s Office veteran, is free on $25,000 bail and is suspended without pay. Peraza’s attorney says he is innocent and was acting appropriately as a law enforcement officer when he shot Jermaine McBean…The family has also filed a federal wrongful death lawsuit. Their attorney, David Schoen, said the indictment of Peraza could mean an improved chance for a settlement in that lawsuit, which seeks unspecified damages. ‘We think now this may be a turning point in this case,’ Schoen said. ‘This was a dead investigation. Hopefully justice will prevail.’”

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