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On Tiger Woods and Back Surgeries

Tiger Woods Back SurgeriesBack surgeries can alter your career drastically. You don’t have to look any further than Tiger Woods, who is perhaps the greatest golfer of all time, yet at an age where many golfers still have plenty of gas left in the tank, Woods is facing the reality of never returning to form. Some suggest he even retire. If you are in need of back surgery, you want to make sure it goes all according to plan or you could find yourself in a life-altering situation that isn’t as easy to bounce back from when you aren’t Tiger Woods. Consider a recent article for Yahoo News titled “Tiger Woods talks more golf majors, Ryder Cup in comeback.”

The author of the article writes, “Woods, who turns 40 next week, posted pictures Thursday on Twitter and Instagram of his new dog ‘Bugs’ with two other dogs and his two children, Sam Alexis and Charlie. Earlier this week, Woods said on his website that despite being idled by the latest in a series of injury setbacks, he sees himself back at the top level as he moves through his 40s. ‘Where do I see myself in the next five to 10 years? I am still playing golf at the highest level and winning tournaments and major championships,’ Woods said. Woods says his feelings change about turning 40. ‘Mentally, people who know me know I’m like a five-year-old. Physically, sometimes I feel old and sometimes I feel like a teenager,’ Woods said. ‘I don’t like the polar opposites of the two. I’d like to be somewhere in the middle where I feel 40.’”

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