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Staged Auto Crashes

Blog-1-pic-1-Beach-Auto-3-Signs-of-a-staged-car-crashTime and again it’s been said of drivers and driving that one doesn’t need to be inordinately fearful on the road because “no one wants an accident”. While that’s true enough for most of us, there are a small number of dishonest people who intentionally maneuver unsuspecting drivers into car crashes. An even though your automobile might suffer only minimal damage, these criminals can wind up filing claims for false injuries and damage to their vehicles.

You can imagine how pleased your auto insurer would be with that kind of scenario.

Here are a few of the more common car crash scams, courtesy of the Coalition Against Insurance Fraud:

Swoop and Squat: A suspect car suddenly cuts in front of you and then hits the brakes hard, resulting in a rear-end crash. Sometimes the offending car has occupants that then claim to have suffered injuries to the back or neck—even if the crash occurred at a relatively low speed. The driver and his cohorts often then file injury and collision claims against your insurance carrier.

Drive Down: As you attempt to merge into traffic, a suspect driver slows as he waves you onward. He then collides with your car, denying that he ever gave you the go-ahead hand signal. This scam has also been known to occur in parking lots.

Sideswipe: If you find yourself in the inner segment of a dual left-turn lane at a busy intersection, suspect cars will sometimes slam into your vehicle if you happen to drift into the outside lane while executing your turn.

Suspect Helpers: Right after a crash occurs in which your vehicle is involved, a person you don’t know may approach you and insist that you receive medical treatment at a specific place or repairs at a certain body shop. They could even refer you to an attorney—who may or may not intend to act in your best interests. The repairs and the medical help could also be part of a larger scam.

Your best bet in the event of any accident is to call police and to inform them of any injured parties as soon as possible. Otherwise, do not admit fault or talk to anyone more than is reasonably necessary to get needed help on the way.

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