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The Blurred Lines That Come with Plain Clothes Police

philly-opencarry1Officer involved shootings raise far more questions than they ever solve. Why? How? Who is responsible?

This controversy elevates when officers are not in their uniforms at the times of these shootings. Even when the incident doesn’t result in a fatality, there are plenty of legitimate questions one should have when it comes to plain clothes officers stalking civilians. What civil rights implications do these incidents have? Does the alleged crime warrant such extreme measures that could easily lead to unnecessary death or even deaths?

Consider a recent article for Local 10 News titled “1 dead after police-involved shooting in northwest Miami-Dade.” Peter Burke of Local 10 News writes, “A 22-year-old man was shot and killed by a Miami-Dade police detective Thursday in northwest Miami-Dade County… Eloi said detectives with the department’s gang unit were conducting a narcotics investigation at the time of the shooting. During the investigation, officers saw several men in the back of a residence and approached them. A confrontation between Carraway and Eugene ensued, and Carraway pulled out a gun, Eloi said. Carraway ignored Eugene’s commands to drop the gun, prompting Eugene to shoot, Eloi said. Carraway’s family cried as they gathered outside of Ryder Trauma Center. ‘I’m here and they still won’t let me see my own son,’ Terry Carraway said. Eugene, who is in his 30s, was not in full police uniform at the time of the shooting, Eloi said.”

What defense do people have against plain clothes police officers with such blurry lines when it comes to rules? This is a scary prospect for a number of citizens, especially minorities and those who have been historically and systematically targeted in the United States.

Often, the answer is legal protection. Experienced lawyers may not be able to prevent the incidents from happening in the first place but they can make sure justice is served.

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