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Three things adult siblings fight about

adult-argueing-siblingsHaving siblings in our grownup life can be a wonderful blessing. However, as we reach adulthood, our relationships with siblings often change along with life and career paths. Often, fights or misunderstandings occur between siblings which are confusing and complicated in the minds of all parties. The past often colors these interactions and disagreements, but their roots are often unique to the adult life of siblings. This article will attempt to elucidate some of these root causes which might help you in your own interactions with your siblings down the road.

Unfortunately, one of the most divisive parts of adult life for siblings is also one of the most painful times. The death of a parent is always traumatic. Even worse, this event also often brings money and property disputes with it, especially when there is no will. In these cases, it is always a good idea to get a lawyer, at least for a consultation. Even if you feel no ill will towards a sibling with which you might disagree on matters of your parents estate, mediation with an attorney can be a great avenue for reaching a healthy compromise.

Career competitiveness can be a significant source of strife between adult siblings. This can be true if siblings are in the same industry, or even if they work in completely different fields. These disagreement often can also be related to changes in political beliefs, which also tend to occur in adulthood. Sometimes a change in political belief can lead to a career path which a sibling does not approve of, or the opposite can occur.

As with spouses and partners, another common cause of conflict between siblings is often related to trouble with the in-laws or children. For example, it can be exceedingly difficult if one sibling is bad with their nieces or nephews, or even the spouse of their brother or sister. Often, the only remedy for this is a frank conversation with the goal of reaching an agreement on what both parties need to do to make the situation acceptable.

I hope that this has helped you if you are in a conflict with your sibling. Good luck.


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