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Traffic stop situations that are more complicated than you think

Police CarWhen a police officer pulls you over, for whatever infraction you cause, a portion of what happens will depend upon how you act. Whatever situation you find yourself in, it is best to stay calm, cool, and polite. If you receive a violation any greater than a warning, it is a good idea to consult a qualified attorney concerning your specific issue, but hopefully this article will help you in minimizing or preventing such a thing from occurring.

There are a few schools of thought concerning how you should act when you are pulled over under suspicion of DUI. Some feel that DUI checkpoints are unconstitutional and refuse to roll down their windows, opting instead to post a sign which refuses all searches and questions. If you are pulled over under suspicion of DUI, it is best if you say as little as possible. Say you do not know why they stopped you, and simply “I have nothing to say,” or “no” to any questions. You do not have to take any field sobriety or breathalyzer tests at the scene, but if you are arrested, you have to submit to a breathalyzer at the police station. Always be polite and stay cool, no matter how angry or aggressive the officer may become.

Really, you should never drive with no or expired driver’s license, tags, insurance, or registration. If you do find yourself without proper documentation and you are pulled over, tell the officer that you were not aware of the problem. Be polite and apologize. If asked, it may be a good idea to tell the officer the reason for using the vehicle, as this may help you. Your vehicle may be impounded or you may be fined, so accept these eventualities if they occur.

Driving too fast is a similar situation to driving without correct documentation. It is best if you tell the officer that you were not aware of your infraction and to be as polite as possible.

Remember, in most of these cases, if you are presented with a court summons as part of being pulled over, you are required to sign it.

Critically, after you read this article you should make sure to check the rules for driving infractions in the state you live in, and those that you travel to, as they vary from state to state. For example, in Kentucky, if you are ever caught exceeding 85 miles per hour, it is ground for immediate arrest for reckless driving, and often wanton endangerment as well.

I hope that this article has provided you with information that will help you protect yourself out on the roads!


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