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Trump Campaign Manager Charged with Battery in Miami


politicsCriminal defense cases in Miami reached a presidential level of media attention recently. Consider a recent article for Politico titled “Is Trump’s campaign manager guilty?

Marc Caputo of Politico writes, “Despite Donald Trump’s insistence that it’s a flimsy case, the battery charge against his campaign manager is straightforward for Florida prosecutors, according to independent attorneys and a reading of state statute. The strength of the allegations against Corey Lewandowski revolve around multiple factors that most simple battery cases don’t have: video, audio and eye-witness evidence that indicates he grabbed reporter Michelle Fields by the arm and yanked her out of Trump’s way without her permission. The wording of Florida statute, 784.03 (1) (a) (1), cited by the Jupiter police officer who charged Lewandowski on Tuesday, is also broad and clear when it comes to the charge: ‘The offense of battery occurs when a person… Actually and intentionally touches or strikes another person against the will of the other.’ For veteran defense attorney Elizabeth L. Parker, the letter of the law and the wealth of evidence against Lewandowski make this a tough case for him to defend if prosecutors decide to pursue it. ‘You have the most corroborating evidence I’ve seen in a battery case in a long time,’ said Parker, who supervised battery cases from 2003-2011 as a prosecutor in Palm Beach County, where the incident occurred. ‘It’s not often you get a crime caught on tape. Most battery cases are he-said, she-said. And the police come and the police make a determination. And prosecutors look to see if there’s any corroborating evidence. Are there any injuries? Any independent witnesses? – things like that,’ Parker said. ‘And here we have all of that…. Again, it’s very rare, and it’s a very prosecutable case.’”

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