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What to do when your relationship becomes toxic

RelationshipRelationships are scary things. As human beings, most of us need some kind of companionship that is more than a friendship. This means that we spend a good portion of our life looking for that special someone. Thus, we date different people. Some relationships occur and end organically and easily and we sometimes even develop lifelong friendships that way. Sometimes, relationships can be terribly rocky, especially towards the end. This article is about what to do when things get so tough, they get scary.

First things first, try to talk to each other. This might not always work but I think it is always where to start. If you won’t be listened to, you need to proceed. Next, you should try to talk to a counselling professional as a couple. Again, if your significant other doesn’t want to do this, just keep going. We should note here that abuse should be taken seriously, physical or verbal. Know when to leave and find a better place to be. Even if you have to sleep on a friend’s couch, it is better than not feeling safe.

If things progress to this level, it may be time to call a lawyer, especially if your will not leave you alone or you feel uncomfortable. Don’t visit an attorney who will not give you a free consultation. It shouldn’t cost anything to see if your situation warrants legal action, and those lawyers that would ask you for consultations in this type of legal proceeding are probably inexperienced or untrustworthy.

An important part of moving on after a toxic relationship is to rediscover your social life. Oftentimes toxic partners will prevent their significant other from seeing friends and acquaintances as a form of control. It is important to change this consciously after you break up and to try to meet new people, both romantically and otherwise. Go out with friends, don’t try to jump into something new until you feel comfortable. Rebounding is a myth and is not something that everyone needs to do. I think it is more important to make an effort to connect with people after a trying and isolating experience like a toxic relationship. Most of all, remember that you are more than your last relationship, and continue to grab life by the horns.


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