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Wrongful Death in the Shooting of Jermaine McBean?

gun-449783_1280Wrongful death cases are a never-ending nightmare in the United States. They occur far too often and yet, many people don’t have the legal protection to get justice for their family members. Consider a recent article for NBC News titled “Activists: Charge Cops in Shooting Death of Jermaine McBean.”

Tracy Connor of NBC News writes, “Activists from the Black Lives Matter movement are calling on Florida authorities to charge three officers involved in the fatal shooting of a man walking home with an unloaded air rifle he’d just purchased. As NBC News reported in May, questions about the shooting were raised by a photograph that showed the man, Jermaine McBean, lying dead on the ground with white earbuds — contradicting police who said he did not have anything in his ears when they shouted at him to drop the rifle. In addition, a witness to the 2013 shooting, tracked down by a lawyer for McBean’s family, told NBC News the computer engineer never took the air rifle off his shoulders and pointed it at police, though two officers claimed in videotaped statements that he did. Three people called 911 in alarm after seeing McBean walking down the street in Oakland Park with the rifle, which he had just bought at a pawn shop. Two of the Broward County Sheriff’s officers, including the deputy who fired the fatal shots, were given bravery awards for it. ‘We want charges against all three of them’ said Jesse Cosme, a spokesman for Black Lives Matter Alliance of Broward, which plans to hold a press conference Thursday outside the Broward State Attorney’s office.”

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