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5 Things Every Traveling Entertainer Should Know

guitar-case-485112_640Is it exciting to make a living traveling the world, entertaining the masses? It can be – but these tips can help make sure it is. At Gilbert & Smallman, we are experienced in entertainment law and can take care of all your legal needs so you can simply sit back and enjoy the experience.

1. You’re going to get your hands dirty

No matter how posh your position is, the reality is that on the road everyone is equal. Unless you’re a top entertainer selling out stadiums every night, you should expect to carry your own bag, handle your own meals, etc. If you’re traveling alone then you’ll also likely be expected to get yourself from the airport to your hotel and venue. Be sure that your contract states who’s responsible for these expenses or you could end up spending more to travel then you’re making on the gig.

2. It’s not all sunshine and rainbows

While traveling as part of their job is the dream of many people, remember that it’s just that: A job. Most people take some time to get used to living on the road. Time zones change, your sleep will be interrupted by late night gigs, and you’ll have no consistent schedule. This can all take a toll. Just remember that you’ll get used to most of it if you just give it time.

3. Be ready before you show up at the venue

You’ll likely have a few things to take care of at every venue. For example, perhaps you need to add a few people to the guest list, or you may need to get information on where you’re going when you leave. Get all the information you could need and have it ready on a slip of paper. It may not seem like much to spend five minutes at the venue looking up the details on your phone, but that’s five more minutes you could have been talking to fans or networking with other entertainers.

4. Remember to have fun!

We see it all too often: An entertainer hits the road and is so overwhelmed with preparing for their shows, trying to get enough sleep, and getting everything organized, that they forget to go out and see the cities they’re traveling to. Even if it doesn’t seem like a particularly interesting location, there’s always something to discover.

5. Get an entertainment attorney who can help with the details

You should never go out on the road without having an entertainment lawyer go over your tour contracts. Gilbert & Smallman can potentially save you time, money, and hassle by ensuring that everything’s on the up and up.

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