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A New Florida Courtroom Trend

Florida courtroomMore and more complex business issues and disputes are going to court in Florida. The Bend Bulletin takes a look at this growing trend in a recent article titled “’Business courts’ take on complex corporate conflicts.”

Jenni Bergal of the Bend Bulletin writes, “From his courtroom perch, Miami-Dade Circuit Judge John Thornton has seen all kinds of business disputes. There was the condo developer who sued his general contractor alleging serious construction defects, and the fight between two former partners over the creation of a health insurance app. And there was the suit against a developer who allegedly extorted and defamed one of the nation’s largest homebuilders, ending in a $1 billion judgment. Much like other specialty courts that only deal with drugs or mental health, these courts typically hear cases related to business disputes, many of which are complex cases. Supporters credit business courts for handling time-consuming corporate lawsuits that can otherwise languish on the docket for years and clog the courts. ‘These are complicated issues, and businesses need decisions made in as short a time as possible, with an end date in sight,’ Thornton said. ‘It’s good for the business community and the judicial system.’ Advocates say the courts’ quick resolutions can also make a state more attractive to companies deciding where to locate. But critics say the courts can create an unfair, two-tiered system — one for businesses and one for everyone else — and some consider them an affront to the judges who ordinarily would hear such cases.”

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