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The Time Conundrum and Cruise Ship Accidents

cruise shipHave you ever had the unfortunate experience of a slip and fall on a cruise? If so, you know there is a limited amount of time to get justice for your injuries. Consider a recent article for Lawyers and Settlements Titled “Passengers Injured aboard Cruise Ships Have Limited Time to Sue.”

Brenda Craig of Lawyers and Settlements writes, “Hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world travel the globe aboard cruise ships. Every year, a handful of travelers suffer some kind of personal injury aboard those floating cities. Attorney Spencer Aronfeld, from Aronfeld Trial Lawyers in Miami, has been litigating against cruise ships on behalf of injured passengers for 25 years. At the moment, Aronfeld says his firm has at least 100 cases filed in Federal Court in Miami against Disney, Carnival, Royal Caribbean, Norwegian, Holland America and lesser-known cruise lines… ‘They could have better warning signs and better lighting for starters. They also have weird design features like extremely steep steps that are dark and made of slippery marble. These ships are designed and built in Europe, and in my opinion, aesthetics count more than safety to the industry,’ he says. Many, in fact most, of the cases Aronfeld has deals with involve ‘slip and fall’ situations. ‘People fall on slippery gangways or decks, or wet stairways. They also sometimes are injured getting into tender boats (small boats that take people ashore).’ Most ships have a series of ‘raised thresholds’ throughout the ship. Aronfeld has represented many people who tripped on these thresholds and suffered serious injuries. ‘Take, for example, an elderly lady from Wichita, Kansas, who has never been on a ship before,’ he says. ‘The ship is rolling back and forth and she tries to get from her bed to the bathroom and trips on the raised threshold in the doorway of the bathroom. She goes flying and falls into the sink or the toilet and is badly hurt.’”

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