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Are Red Light Cameras Worth the Investment?

redlight-cameras-accidentAre red light cameras doing their job or are they just annoyances? With some cities pulling them down, more and more people are beginning to question them. Consider a recent article for the Sun-Sentinel titled “Tamarac pulls plug on red light cameras.”

Lisa J Huriash of the Sun-Sentinel writes, “The city had 15 cameras at 10 intersections.The first went live in August 2013 and tickets began months later. There have been 23,756 violations. ‘This is something that needs to be clarified before we can continue,’ said Diane Phillips, assistant city manager. In April, the Florida Supreme Court declined to rule on an appellate decision that the city of Hollywood outsourced too much of its red-light camera program to a private company. The ruling found Hollywood could not delegate ticket-writing duties to a third-party vendor. The ruling applies not only to Hollywood, but statewide. That October ruling by the Fourth District Court of Appeal in West Palm Beach caused cities throughout South Florida to suspend their programs pending further review.Broward County courts dismissed more than 24,000 red-light-camera tickets after the ruling. Palm Beach County put its program on hold, while Miami-Dade County goes to court over its program on June 15.”

Something to consider is what is happening in New Jersey. Take, for example, a recent article for titled “Number of cars running red lights up 107% since cameras went dark, company study says.” Jessica Mazzola of writes, “According to tallies released this week by the Traffic Safety Coalition, the number of vehicles that ran red lights at the 19 intersections in Newark previously covered by cameras has gone up 107 percent since the cameras were turned off in December. Comparing data that the group said it collected via ground sensors at the intersections, red light runs at some intersections, like Broad and Murray Streets, jumped 315 percent between the same 30-day period in 2014 and 2015. The city, the study said, has continued to collect data at the intersections, but has not been able to dole out summonses since the cameras shut off in December of last year.”

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