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Are You Dealing with a Post-Judgement Complication with Your Divorce? Get Help Today

Going through a divorce the first time can be difficult enough but when you have to revisit the situation for post-judgement changes, it can be an entirely frustrating situation. The good news is that you have Gilbert & Smallman on your side. We can help you with a wide range of Florida family law issues including post-judgement changes to a divorce.

A Final Judgment of Dissolution of Marriage may not be as final as it sounds

When you hear the title, “Final Judgment of Dissolution of Marriage,” it certainly sounds as though it’s final but the reality is that there are a few reasons it might not be. No matter what reason has arisen for you, you should know that you need to work with an experienced attorney to make sure your interests are respected.

Examples of post-judgement needs

There are a number of reasons people need to make changes to their divorce. For example, if their ex isn’t obeying any and all types of orders or judgments from the court. We can work to have them enforced. Another example is a previous who wants to move and take your child out of the county, city, state, or even country. In that instance, we can file a Petition for Relocation or an Objection to Relocation.

It’s likely that no one is at fault

In some cases, one party is not following all the rules after a divorce. However, the more common issues aren’t actually the fault of either person involved. One former spouse may have a significant change in their financial life. Someone may die, go on disability, or otherwise have their earning potential significantly impacted. This can change their ability to pay spousal support and child support.

These types of changes may also affect custody. Remember that the most important thing is the well-being of the child. We can file whatever type of petition you need for modification and we can make sure that your interests are always represented.

Do you not know what you need to file but you know your divorce isn’t working the way you think it should? Then call Gilbert & Smallman for a free case evaluation. We can assess your situation, give you some options, and let you know how we recommend you move forward. You may or may not be able to modify your divorce documents but a simple phone call to us will make that clear.


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