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If You’ve Suffered a Spinal Injury Then There is Help Out There for You

When it comes to injuries, no matter how they’re suffered – whether in a car accident or a boating accident – there are none as life-changing and devastating as a spinal injury. This area of the body is essential and fragile. It allows us to stand upright, it protects vital nerves that connect our brain, heart, and the rest of our body.

If the spinal cord is injured, the results are typically worse than a minor sore back. If you or someone you’re close to has suffered from a spinal cord injury then you may be eligible for compensation. Contact Gilbert & Smallman today to speak to a Florida personal injury attorney who can help.

The consequences of a spinal cord injury can be incredibly serious

Any injury to the spinal cord can be very serious, but especially those that involve the nerves or blood vessels being damaged. Even something like an inflamed disc can lead to significant pain and numbness if that disc adds pressure to the nerves along the spinal column.

More serious injuries can have more serious results, such as permanent paralysis, permanent, pain, and weakness / numbness that lasts forever. In some cases, these injuries will result in a person being in a wheelchair for the rest of their life or taking pain meds daily. If you’ve been injured in this way then you don’t need us to tell you that the medical bills pile up quickly. When you consider all of these factors together, it’s easy to see that it’s worth it to call a personal injury attorney for a free consultation.

Even a seemingly minor back injury can be devastating

Of course, a person doesn’t have to be paralyzed for life in order to have lifelong issues. If they injure their back, they can be out of work for weeks, for months, or perhaps the rest of their life. If this is the case, and your accident was the result of someone else’s negligence or recklessness, then we will fight to ensure you have your medical expenses reimbursed, your future medical bills paid, and that you receive compensation for everything from pain to emotional anguish to decreased mobility.

If you believe you have a case then there’s nothing to wait for: Call Gilbert & Smallman today to find out what your options are. We are here to help you get back to a life you can look forward to.

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