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“Concussion” Movie Sheds Light on Traumatic Brain Injuries

MRI Brain ConcussionTraumatic brain injuries are getting a special spotlight during the holiday season with the movie “Concussion.” Consider a recent article for the Miami Herald titled “Michael Gehlken: ‘Concussion’ movie brings CTE to life.”

Michael Gehlken of the Miami Herald writes, “There is power in video. The medium can capture what the written word cannot, partly the reason Ray Rice is a free agent and Greg Hardy a Dallas Cowboy. Rice’s act of domestic violence was caught on camera; none of Hardy’s ‘at least four instances’ of physical force on his ex-girlfriend, as concluded by an NFL investigation, were. Seeing is believing. Such is the value of ‘Concussion.’ I attended a recent screening of the Christmas Day film, which focuses on brain injuries in the NFL, largely out of curiosity. This story was not planned. It is the result of having discussed the film with editors, an assignment to share the perspective of someone who covers an NFL team on a daily basis. The movie is powerful. At times, it is chilling. It might even prove to be a game changer. The medium is why. Starring Will Smith as Dr. Bennet Omalu, the man credited for discovering chronic traumatic encephalopathy, a degenerative brain disease associated with sub-concussive hits absorbed in such sports as football, ‘Concussion’ breaks ground. It forces the public to confront a question that, to this point, hasn’t required an answer. The question quietly has loomed for years. What if there was video? Domestic violence cases in the NFL were left to words until Rice was caught punching his then-fiancee and dragging her unconscious body from a New Jersey elevator. That is what domestic violence looks like, and yet, seeing it changed everything.”

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