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Wrongful Death Suit Emerges After Fatal Cyclist Crash Plea Deal

cyclist crashWrongful death lawsuits were unfortunately in the news again in Miami recently. Consider a recent article for CBS Miami titled “Driver In Deadly Cyclist Crash Takes Plea Deal.”

According to the author of the article, “Alvarez admitted that he left the scene of the crash. He the used a golf club to smash out the car’s rear windo to make it appear as if it had been burglarized, according to police. He then call 911 and returned to the scene of the accident where he admitted to being the driver. Reyes was killed in the crash, Hernandez seriously injured. During the plea hearing, Reyes’ widow Maribel told the judge, ‘My bubble was shattered this January. I will no longer have my best friend.’ ‘I can never truly hate him,’ said Reyes’ daughter Jennnifer. ‘But I honestly don’t think I could forgive him for what he has done.’ As she clutched at a gold bicycle pendant around her neck, Jennifer said ‘This is a symbol of my father, his bike, that no matter what, we’re going to keep on riding.’ The Reyes family worked with prosecutors on the terms of the plea deal. Maribel Reyes told the court that ‘maintaining bitterness in my heart will not change anything’ and it is ‘the spirit of what Walter would want.’ The Reyes has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Alvarez. Both Alvarez and his father Rodrigo Alvarez were named in the lawsuit. Lawyers for the Reyes family say Rodrigo Alvarez owns the car his son was driving at the time of the crash.”

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