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Corporate Formation is Not Something You Can Handle on Your Own

If you’re starting a business in the state of Florida, it is essential that you create the appropriate corporate form. Gilbert & Smallman can help with many of your corporate legal needs. Read on to learn more about corporate formation and then call us for your consultation. Taking the time to do this right from the beginning can prevent serious consequences down the line.

There is a long list of issues that will become apparent when you start a business

When most people are working on starting a business, they’re worried about getting their product or service ready for the public, getting it marketed correctly, and ensuring they can fulfill orders. They aren’t always thinking about the long list of issues that may affect their legal status.

For example, you’ll have tax liability, bank loans, and bank accounts for your company. If you don’t set it up as the right formation, you may have personal liability for the actions of your company. Imagine that a low-level employee does something wrong. Imagine that your company gets sued for it and you haven’t properly protected your own personal assets. Without the right corporate formation, this could lead to you losing your house, your car, and all other assets – including retirement.

Assuming you have more than one person in your business, you’re also going to have to deal with fee sharing. You likely have thought about payment, but have you thought about fee sharing? Do you even know what fee sharing is? Gilbert & Smallman can help you with this and more.

Get your business set up the right way

You need to protect both your business and your personal assets. You need an attorney who won’t simply pull out a cookie cutter plan and apply it to your business. We would never do that. We offer a business setup that’s tailored to your exact needs.

All you have to do is give us a call for a free attorney consultation. We’ll talk about your current setup and offer advice on what would work better for you and for your company. We are proud to be licensed to handle both cases in the state of Florida and the Federal Court in the Southern District of Florida. No matter what your business law needs are, we are your number one choice if you value personal attention, trust, and a job well done.


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