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Hire a Florida Entertainment Attorney Who Understands Your Struggle

Any Florida entertainer must be sure that the contracts they have are enforceable. If they don’t, then they may not be able to get the compensation they want for the work they do. When the company for which you’re working wants to provide the contract to you, it’s still important to work with a Florida entertainment lawyer. We need to go over the contracts before you sign them.

When you choose Gilbert and Smallman, you’re choosing an experienced attorney in the entertainment industry. We run an artist management and promotions company, All Players Media LLC. If you’re looking for an attorney who not only knows the law, but understands the unique struggles that artists have, then you should visit us for a consultation. We are licensed to take cases within Federal Court in the Southern District of Florida and the State of Florida.

Entertainment law involves many different topics

Some types of law are fairly cut and dry. Entertainment law is not an example of that. It is generally transactional work but it can encompass a long list of topics from art to music, from advertising to internet. Whether new media, publicity rights, publishing, radio, sports, cable, video, TV, or another type of entertainment, Gilbert and Smallman is here to help you.

You must understand your intellectual property rights

One of the most important aspects of entertainment law is understanding intellectual property rights. Essentially, these rights are based on the contract between you and the owner, studio, or other entity you’re signing with. Intellectual property rights will vary depending on the specific type of entertainment you’re involved in. For example, the needs of a graphic designer are going to be different than the needs of a signer.

We can help with all the complex issues

Depending on the type of entertainment you’re involved in, you could be dealing with issues like trademarks, royalties, copyrights, licenses, and more. These are all complex issues that require a deep understanding of the law. Even if you’re simply looking to sign on to play the guitar once a month at your local diner, it’s still important to have an enforceable contract.

The good news about working with Gilbert and Smallman is that we’re happy to provide a free consultation. If you’re on the fence about whether or not you even need an entertainment attorney, make an appointment to come talk to us. We think you’ll be impressed with the options available to you.


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