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Cost of a Lawyer for Personal Injury Cases

Don’t Deal with Insurance Claims Adjusters on Your Own – They Aren’t Your Friend

Many personal injury clients are asking: How much do I have to pay an attorney in order to get representation on my Car Accident or other personal injury case?  Most injury cases are on a contingency fee basis, which means that if your lawyer doesn’t recover anything for you then the lawyer doesn’t get paid either. But one of the concerns that goes along with that is a client thinking that a lawyer is going to do as little as possible and settle the case as quickly as possible to get their percentage of the case.

The following video will help you to understand more about the claims process we use at Gilbert and Smallman to work with the responsible insurance company to maximize your rightful compensation.

One thing that sets Gilbert and Smallman apart from many other firms is the “mom and pop” approach.  You have your lawyer’s direct cell phone number and can call anytime of the day or night to get answers to issues that may be troubling you.  Here are those numbers.

Harris Gilbert   786-371-4431
Andrew Smallman   954-661-7371


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