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DUI Forces Judge to Resign

BeerThere is no shortage of DUI cases in Miami. Without the proper legal representation, you could find yourself in an even worse predicament than you were already in. These DUI cases affect people all across the spectrum. Unfortunately, one of the most recent cases involved a judge. Consider a recent article for CBS Miami titled “Broward Judge Convicted Of DUI To Resign.”

According to the author of the article, “A Broward judge convicted of drunk driving is set to resign at the end of the month. According to the Sun Sentinel, Broward Chief Administrative Judge Peter Weinstein confirmed Broward Circuit Judge Cynthia Imperato, who was facing disciplinary action from the state’s Supreme Court over her conduct following a 2013 DUI arrest, is resigning. In September of 2015, Imperato told a judicial panel that she drank more than the two glasses of wine she said she had at a reception. ‘Obviously I had much more and should not have gotten behind the wheel,’ she said. The Judicial Qualifying Commission held a hearing to recommend punishment for her behavior. Imperato also apologized to the police officers who arrested her. ‘I apologize and know you were just doing your job,’ she said. The JQC presented their findings to the Florida Supreme Court. However, the Supreme Court was unhappy with the proposed punishment for Imperato. She had originally agreed to a 20-day unpaid suspension, $5,000 fine and public reprimand but the high court rejected it and ordered a full hearing to determine what sanction to impose.”

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