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Examining an Officer-Involved Accident on I-75

officer-involved accidentAccidents involving police officers have been in the news recently. The latest case happened in Fort Lauderdale. No matter who you get into a car accident with, you want to make sure you’re protected with good legal representation. If not, you could suffer both physical and financial injuries for years to come. Consider a recent article for WSVN titled “Pedestrian killed in police-involved accident on I-75.”

According to the author of the article, “Authorities are investigating after, they said, a man walking along Interstate 75 was struck and killed by a Seminole Police truck, Saturday morning. According to Florida Highway Patrol, the accident occurred along Interstate 75, around mile marker 27, at around 6 a.m.  Investigators said the pedestrian was a passenger in a black car who had gotten into an altercation with the driver and the other passengers. The driver stopped and let him out, and shortly after he was struck by the left front part of the Seminole Police’s 2012 Dodge pickup. The driver of the black car returned to the area, but the victim had already been struck. The pedestrian was pronounced dead at the scene. ‘It’s a very remote area, there’s no street lights out here and obviously, when a person is standing in the roadway or walking in the roadway, and someone comes over a small hill here, he wouldn’t have had much time to react,’ said Sgt. Mark G. Wysocky of the Florida Highway Patrol.”

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