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Fishing can be dangerous

fishing-permits-liscenseLike many normal Americans, I find fishing to be a wonderful pastime and an essential way to relax. I work in sales and my work week can be very stressful. I love getting on my boat with my dog, and maybe a friend or two, first thing in the morning on Saturday. It is so quiet out there and I can just feel my stress ebbing away as I contemplate my line and the water.

However, fishing is not without its dangers. Many people are seriously injured, and some even die, every year while fishing. You should always make sure to employ sufficient safety considerations when fishing. Make sure that everyone nearby knows what you are doing, from casting, to reeling, to setting bait. When you do reel in a fish, you should always ensure that you are doing so with enough space around you to prevent hitting someone else with your rod, hook, or your catch!

Always have a safe and dry first aid kit readily available, as well as a reliable way to contact help. A boat is never a safe place for anyone with any type of serious injury, so have a plan for safe and direct return to dry land and help.

If you plan to fish on open water, always take the proper precautions before you set out. Make sure that both the proper authorities and trusted friends know where you are going and how long you plan to be out on the water.

Ice fishing is a great way to fish, but you should also be aware of its unique dangers. Sometimes, people fall though the ice that they are fishing on. This usually occurs when a winter has been mild. Always make sure that you have enough clothing, heating, and food (not just beer) when you are going out on the ice. Fishing in the cold is always a physically strenuous activity, even if you are not doing much, so be sure that you have enough to keep you warm and active.

Lastly, always remember to contact a lawyer as quickly as possible if you or someone you know is the victim of a fishing accident or injury. No one should have to be alone when facing such a thing.

I hope that this article has been of help to you. Have fun and reel in the big one!


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