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My sexual harassment case

professional-sexual-harassmentI thought that I had found my dream job. Right out of school, I found an amazing job opening at one of the best companies in the business.

When I heard back from the HR department, asking me to set up an interview, I was through the roof.

The company was top notch so I put my game face on and got together the perfect interview outfit. I studied the firm and possible strategies and ideas so that I could make the best impression I could.

I was excited and ready to make my mark on the world, and to start my career. My parents told me that with this job, the sky was the limit. It is pretty hard out there for everyone in the job market right now.

During the interview, the man who would be my boss was very professional and congenial. I was able to answer all of his questions with ease, and I even made him laugh a couple times. He showed me around and introduced me to everyone else in the office. I even met the man who would be my direct supervisor, and the people on my prospective team.

The job offer that they gave me was a little bit lower than I expected it would be but I jumped at the chance to get in at all. I was in for a shock.

Within the first week, my supervisor started to talk to me in a casual way that made me uncomfortable. Soon, he started to touch me in unwelcome ways, which again, had the façade of being innocent and casual. When he propositioned me one day in the breakroom, I took my complaint straight to HR. Luckily, (possibly because I am a man) my complaint was immediately taken seriously and my supervisor was fired. I was able to continue to work comfortably at the company and I am proud to say that I have risen in the ranks quite a bit since that happened. However, not all cases of sexual harassment turn out this way. If you think that you are a victim of sexual harassment, and are met with skepticism or worse reactions, do not hesitate to contact a qualified attorney at the earliest opportunity.


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