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Gun Control Laws in Ft Lauderdale and Miami

You Could Be Arrested if You Don’t Know the Rules about Gun Control in Florida

In the news today are countless debates, discussions, laws, and articles with regard to arms control. Are we going to register them via a national registration system? How do we determine  who can have guns and who can’t? How big or what type of a gun will someone be able to have? How many bullets will you be allowed to have locked and loaded?

If you have been arrested on any type of gun charge, or even if you have been questioned or think you may be under suspicion, call the Law Offices of Gilbert and Smallman, PLLC, to learn about your rights and any possible defenses.

In this video, Harris Gilbert and Andrew Smallman give you an overview of the gun control laws today, and discuss their opinions as Criminal Defense Lawyers in Miami FL.

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