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The Latest Episode for Accused DUI Driver Includes GPS Fitting

No Drunk DrivingA DUI case can be life-changing. There are a number of lingering consequences that extend long past injuries and prison time. Restitution payments can cripple someone who has served their time and paid their debt to society.

It is imperative that people receive the proper legal representation to protect themselves from punishments that go way beyond having to serve time, paying appropriate fees, and having to live with the nightmares of making such a grave mistake.

Recently, a Miami woman injured a principal in a high profile case. There is no doubt that the latest update on the situation is just the beginning of this story for everyone involved.

Consider a recent article for CBS Miami titled “Accused DUI Driver Fitted With GPS After Release Mix-Up.” The author of the article writes, “The woman charged in a DUI crash that injured a South Dade High principal was fitted with monitor after being let out without it. Officials with the Department of Corrections fitted Marilyn Aguilera, 51, with the GPS monitoring device Wednesday night – something not considered standard procedure. In court Thursday, Miami Dade Corrections Attorney Pat Jones spoke about it and gave the following explanation as to why Aguilera was able to post a bond without being fitted with a GPS monitor as required by the arrest warrant. ‘I just want the court to be aware that Corrections was not aware of the special conditions that were imposed. The arrest affidavit did not list those special conditions. It was only subsequent to that the very next day we were made aware of those conditions and try to attempt to institute those conditions,’ said Jones.”

We will continue to keep tabs on this case and other DUI incidents to illustrate the importance of legal representation and the potential consequences of not having it.

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