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Uber and Making Sure You Have the Right Legal Protection

Uber IconThese days, instead of cabs, many people are turning to Uber for their transportation needs. However, Uber, like any other form of transportation, presents its own set of risks that you should be prepared for with proper legal protection. Consider a recent article for CBS Miami titled “Arrest In Deadly Uber Crash Gives Hope To Victim’s Family.”

The author of the article writes, “A man who slammed into an Uber SUV packed with passengers faced a judge Thursday on charges of DUI manslaughter. At last check, 21-year old Alexander Chica was given $30 thousand bond after surrendering his passport. Family and dozens of supporters went to court to support him – relieved he was given bond but it didn’t seem like the case earlier. ‘This defendant on his Twitter page tweeted a little Colombian coming. That is where his family is,’ said a prosecutor. Prosecutors wanted Chica to stay in jail over fears he would flee but his lawyer said Chica wasn’t trying to run. ‘He’s referring to a soccer match,’ said Chica’s attorney. Authorities took Chica into custody Wednesday evening in connection with the fiery accident that killed a man two days after Christmas. Sanchez’s grandmother said Chica’s arrest is a glimmer of hope in the family’s darkest hour. Miami-Dade Police said it all happened on SW 157th Avenue near SW 144th Street. Uber Driver Jean Ralph Adam was transporting 20-year-old Pablo Sanchez Jr. and three of his friends in a GMC Yukon when he tried to make a left hand turn onto SW 144th Street.”

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