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The Latest in Wrongful Death Litigation in Miami

CourtMiami certainly isn’t alone when it comes to issues with wrongful death cases. Nonetheless, these cases deserve more attention in order to correct the problem. Consider a recent article for the Miami Herald titled “Officers cleared in shooting deaths of South Florida motorists.”

The author of the article writes, “Prosecutors have cleared police officers in three separate deadly shootings involving motorists — including the case of a teen shot dead after driving a stolen SUV into a police car at a North Miami-Dade flea market. The cases are among eight fatal police-involved shootings recently cleared by the Miami-Dade State Attorney’s Office, which were detailed in final reports obtained by the Miami Herald. The release of the reports comes during a heightened time of scrutiny on police tactics across the country. From Chicago to Missouri to Baltimore, fatal encounters with police have sparked investigations, spirited rallies, some civil unrest and criminal charges against officers… To block Carulla, Fortich stopped his unmarked Nissan Altima at an angle in front of the stolen SUV. But as Fortich, who wearing a vest clearly marking him as a police officer, was getting out of the car, according to prosecutors, Carulla accelerated, smashing into the sergeant’s car and knocking him back into the Nissan. Officers Nelson Quintana and Kristopher Klute, who were nearby, opened fire, striking Carulla. The SUV traveled about five parking spaces away before stopping, Carulla mortally wounded inside. Janik Carulla, the teen’s father, said he believed his son was ‘set up’ and that police officers should have disabled the car before Jason showed up to prevent him from fleeing. ‘The police, they just go out there and shoot,’ Janik Carulla said. ‘And they being allowed to get away with, unless there is a video camera catching them acting over aggressively.’”

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