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Why Hire Attorneys Gilbert and Smallman?

You can call Andrew Smallman   954-661-7371 on his Personal Cell Phone for a consultation.  

This video is addressing a common question that people ask when they look to retain an attorney, and that’s “why should I use Gilbert and Smallman as opposed to another attorney?” Andrew Smallman explains that the great thing about this firm is that you always get to talk to a lawyer. You have Andrew’s cell phone, and you have Harris Gilbert’s cell phone.

You can call the office and talk to the office manager, but any time you want to talk to your lawyer specifically, you can always reach out and talk to them.

Harris Gilbert   786-371-4431
Andrew Smallman   954-661-7371

The Law Offices of Gilbert and Smallman LLC
4601 Sheridan St. #220
Hollywood, FL 33021
Office: (954) 251-3106
Cell: (954) 661-7371
Fax: (954) 404-6003
Miami Office

The White Building
One Northeast Second Ave,
Suite 200
Miami, FL 33132
Office: (786) 863-8568
Cell: (786) 371-4431
Tallahassee Office

909 East Park Avenue
Tallahassee, FL 32301
Phone: (850) 391-7045
Fax: (850) 391-6152


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