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Wrongful Death Lawsuit Come After Years of Complaints

railroad crossing wrongful deathWrongful death lawsuits are unfortunately not a rare occurrence in Miami. However, with so many unfortunate incidents happening, it is imperative that you have quality legal representation. Consider a recent article for NBC Miami titled “Deadly Crash Came After Years of Complaints About Rail Crossing.”

Mc Nelly Torres and Willard Shepard of NBC Miami write, “Alberto Alfaro loved cars. His fascination went beyond how cars look to more about the inner-workings of the engine. ‘He would tell me this is how you save the motor,’ his mother, Gisela Saenz, recalls. On February 1st of this year, Alfaro left the house with friends to a car meet in Southwest Miami without telling anybody at home. ‘I opened the door of his room and he was laying in the bed on the cell phone. He saw me and threw me a kiss,’ Saenz said, explaining that her son knew well she would have not approved him to be out late on a Sunday night. That was the last time Saenz saw her 17-year-old son conscious. Alfaro died after a vehicle driven by Sebastian A. Mendoza, 19, lost control at Southwest 137th Avenue at the railroad crossing. Mendoza also died in the crash. For over two years, residents of the community in southwest Miami complained to county officials about the condition of the railroad crossing on Southwest 137th Avenue and Country Walk Drive. Residents feared that an accident could turn deadly because vehicles would go airborne after hitting the railroad crossing. NBC 6 Investigators reviewed a trail of emails the attorneys uncovered between county and state officials, CSX representatives and residents dating back to October 2012. CSX Transportation, Inc., the company responsible for the maintenance of the area at the county’s expense, would schedule meetings and later cancel, causing delay after delay from October 2012 until the crossing was repaired a month after Alfaro and Mendoza lost their lives.”

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