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Wrongful Death Lawsuit Filed Following ZombiCon Killing

15387050319_4111374825_bThere were a lot of things people expected from ZombiCon. One of them, however, was not a fatal shooting. Now, a wrongful death lawsuit has been filed. Consider a recent article for USA Today titled “Family of man killed at ZombiCon sues for $5M.”

Ben Brasch of USA Today writes, “The family of the 20-year-old man killed at ZombiCon filed a $5 million wrongful death lawsuit Monday against the event’s organizer and security firm. The grandmother of Expavious Tyrell Taylor called attorney Charles ‘Kip’ Sinclair days after her grandson was killed in the Oct. 17 shooting. ‘You can’t let people come into a crowded area, drinking alcohol, waving toy guns and being in disguise and not expect something to go wrong,’ said Sinclair, who filed the lawsuit on behalf of Taylor’s maternal grandmother, Estella Wilson. She declined to comment Tuesday afternoon. Taylor graduated from Clewiston High School and was a walk-on for the football team of ASA College in Miami. Five others were injured in the shooting: Tyree Hunter, 20, and Isaiah Knight, 18, of Fort Myers; David Perez, 22, of Naples; and Kyle Roberts, 20, of Port Charlotte; and John Parsons, 31, of Fort Myers, who refused medical attention. Sinclair said his client is seeking $5 million to cover damages, costs and attorney fees from event organizer, Pushing DaiZies, and the security firm, Southwest Florida Security & Investigations. He has also requested from a judge the ability to sue the City of Fort Myers and the Fort Myers Police Department.”

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